Meet the MY RU

Thousands of Associates have logged on to the new MyRU interactive eLearning platform since it launched last fall.reboot5 Jesse Savage, with RE/MAX Preferred in DeForest, Wis., is a regular user.

He joined RE/MAX in 2012 and jumped right into education, taking courses on distressed properties, prospecting and LeadStreet. “MyRU just makes sense for any committed professional looking to learn more,” he says. “When you take these courses, you become better at what you do, and you have more confidence and happier clients.”

Here’s more of what Savage has to say about his MyRU experience:


“After researching a lot of companies, I found RE/MAX was the only one that offered the right kind of education, done the right way. Education is very important to me, and I felt that RE/MAX University would help me achieve my goals.”


“This isn’t passive learning. The courses require you to pay attention, and they keep you on your toes. The learning process and interaction is fun and interesting, which helps the information stick in your mind.”


“You can take courses at your own pace, with no pressure. I’m busy with work and in the community, and I’ve been able to take courses according to my schedule. Some of the coursework can be done while you’re waiting at a doctor’s office or between appointments. It’s easy to pick up right where you left off.”


"MyRU has given me more confidence in areas where I needed it most. In one lesson on prospecting, the program asked me specifically what areas I felt I needed to improve on. It then gave me additional tips and instruction, and even some printouts, to help me set goals, along with strategies for achieving them.”

Agents who complete the course will be well prepared to help buyers, and they’ll have the confidence that they’re doing things correctly. They also can expect more successful transactions and more long-term relationships and referrals.